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caring about self-care

caring about self-care

In my last post I touched a little bit upon self-care, but I wanted to dive a little deeper into what that means to me. Self-care in and of itself is pretty self explanatory. Sometimes it's as simple as cooking yourself a healthy dinner, deleting the Facebook app, listening to a celebrity gossip podcast instead of a political one, getting your ass to that yoga class (even though you don't want to), and sometimes it's applying a face mask while watching Seinfeld re-runs. Really, it's whatever you need in that moment to put you in the best mind-set you can!

Usually, the latter form of self-care wins for me. I love focusing on my skincare routine and nails and staying in and being a little introverted. Having a routine that feels productive is really important for my mental state. Even if I don’t practice my routine every day, I love having a cycle to come back to that is familiar. My self-care is very repetitive, comfortable, and usually pretty self-involved. To each their own!

Over the last year or two I have switched to a more natural routine by eliminating chemicals, toxins, parabens, etc. My skin (and I hope the environment!) are happier. I shared some favorite high and low natural masks below for a little self-care at home.


Both sheet masks give your face a little extra Vitamin C boost. This helps with brightening, pore reduction, and giving your skin a little glow! 

  1. YES TO - Vitamin C Grapefruit Mask
  2. ORGAID - Vitamin C Organic Mask


If you're more of a cream mask lover, I highly recommend using one of these treatment masks to hone in on your trouble spots. The Burt's Bees Intense Hydration mask hydrates to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles, whereas Herbivore's Blue Tansy mask gently exfoliates to help resurface your skin. 

  1. BURT'S BEES - Treatment Mask 
  2. HERBIVORE - Blue Tansy Mask


I think we all sometimes suffer from the "puffy eye" syndrome. Wether it be from lack of sleep, lack of caffeine, allergies, etc. A little under eye mask helps wake up tired skin! 

  1.  BURT'S BEES - Rejuvenating Eye Mask
  2. 100% PURE - Bright Eyes Eye Mask


Though technically not a mask, I love exfoliating my lips while wearing a face (or eye) mask. Lip exfoliators last so long because you need such a small amount to see results. They are a lifesaver anytime your lips are feeling a little dry and chapped. 

  1. FRENCH GIRL - Rose Lip Polish
  2. HENNE ORGANICS - Lip Exfoliator

Pair any of these with an episode of your favorite rerun, a glass of wine, and a neck-warmer for a perfect little "self-care" night. You'll sleep wonderfully and wake up with better skin for it! 

(P.S. Be sure to check all labels for allergies, sensitivities, etc. I'm not an expert - just someone who likes to share natural products!)
rooted at the plant

rooted at the plant