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engagement photo tips

engagement photo tips

There's something so romantic about envisioning your life as an engaged couple.

I imagined talking about the wedding every day, coming home to freshly gathered flowers, and being showered with ideas for the future. The reality of the situation is that nothing changes. Sure, there are wedding discussions, but if your groom is anything like Brandon....he won't care too much about the small details. 

As a bride, I want everything done by the books (or bridal magazines in this case). I wanted engagement pictures done, a dress purchased, and bridesmaids aligned all before the one year mark. I've succeeded in all of this thanks to some good friends. 

Our original engagement shots were done by my longtime photographer-friend, Ellie Huntress. She's amazing, and we felt 100% comfortable around her. We kept joking about how awkward Brandon gets in front of the camera, but ironically enough the real awkwardness stems from my face in these pictures. I've posted some tips I've learned from this shoot for keeping it au-naturale in front of the lens. 


1. Smile with your teeth. They're fine and it will forever look more natural. 


2. Check for frizzy hair before shooting. It will show up, and it will bother you. (Still love this photo though!)


3. Get your nails done. People want to see the ring!


4. This photo feels the most natural because our photographer had us turn away from the camera until she counted to three. She snapped the photo as soon as we looked, and it turned out so well. Camera shy? Try this approach! 


5. If you're looking for a casual photo shoot like I was, I recommend still dressing up a smidgen more. I probably should have avoided the denim jacket and moccasins and maybe went with a cozy sweater and boots.

Ellie did an amazing job and gave us photos to work use for our save-the-dates and our wedding website. Our wedding photographer, Erin McGinn, offers a complimentary engagement shoot before the wedding. We're going to use that to get some outdoor shots of ourselves since this photo-shoot was taken in the winter.

(all photos by the talented, Ellie Huntress!)

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