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I'm Courtney - an interior, event, and editorial stylist. On my blog you'll find stories and ideas for the light-hearted and ever curious. 


first impressions

first impressions

One day I'll have a house with a big old entryway. I want a mudroom and a place to drop my bag and my jacket where they're hidden, but for now this console will do! I'm so excited that we replaced the bike (below) in our entry with something a little more functional. But now, how do I style it? 

("Before" photo by  Joyelle West )

("Before" photo by Joyelle West)

There are a few issues with our entryway that we are trying to address. We want a spot to put our keys and wallet, but we also need to hide an unsightly electrical panel (which is currently behind the painting) and a poorly placed phone that's located off-center on the wall. The phone allows us to "buzz" people into the building so it's kind of essential, whereas the panel is rarely accessed. The console is here to stay but - how do we accessorize it while working with all the quirks our apartment granted us with?

Option 1 - Function Over Form


My first thought is just to keep it super simple. Some shoe storage, a decorative tray for keys + wallet, a small lamp, a mirror for last minute touch-ups, and a fake plant since the hallway doesn't get any natural light. I love how it works with the console and keeps the focus on the vintage runner, but I can't decide if I want it to be a little more decorative and colorful. Hmmm...

Option 2 - A Warm Welcome


Option two is more colorful and decorative. It has some art from my husband, a great brass umbrella holder, a decorative but simple tray, a fake plant in a lighter vessel, and a favorite lamp (that I also talked about here). I miss the shoe storage, but I do love the umbrella holder! 

I'm sure we'll do some sort of combination of both, but I'm really struggling between monochromatic and color. Do you have a favorite option? Let me know in the comments!

friday favorites: best foot forward

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